Louis Mazetier: My Own Stuff

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Louis Mazetier: Solo Piano

Among stride pianists, Louis Mazetier ranks at the top. Hr sounds like no one but himself, one of the most talented stride pianists of any era. His style might be vintage but there is nothing old or tired about his playing. Both his compositions which are mostly dedicated to the jazz masters of stride and swing and his virtuosic variations are full of the joyful creativity found in the very best jazz. Scott Yanow, celebrated jazz critic and author of 10 books on jazz.

Look Out Lion Iíve Got You


Luxembourg Garden Rag

For Dick

Queen Mary Lou

The Tricky Pioneers

A Delicate Brute

Edward in the Lionís Den

The Ferocious Lamb

Big Filthy

Blues For Ray Bryant

Hello Jelly

In the Depth of Rouffignac



A Quiet Waltz That Good Old Stuff

All selections are original compositions by Louis Mazetier

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