Rossano Sportiello, Nicki Parrott, Eddie Metz Live at The Jazz Corner

Artists / Instruments:
Rossano Sportiello-piano

Nicki Parrott-bass

Eddie Metz

An hour of unpretentious pleasure, served up by three pros who know their stuff. Mainstream jazz, if you like. Or you can just sit back and listen. Either way, you’ll be more than glad you came. From the album notes by Terry Teachout, the drama critic of The Wall Street Journal and the author of Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong

Beats Up

Gal in Calico

Besame Mucho

Honeysuckle Rose

Li’l Darlin’

Blue and Sentimental

Spanish Eyes

Chopin Medley

Nocturne Op 9 No.2, Fantasie Impromptu Op 66, Valse Op 64 No 1, the “Minute Waltz”


St. Louis Blues

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