Bucky Pizzarelli: Challis In Wonderland

Artists / Instruments:
Bucky Pizzarelli: acoustic guitar, 7 string guitar

John Pizzarelli: 7 string guitar (3, 5, 6, 12)

Jerry Bruno: Bass

Dick Lieb Strings: Strings arranged and Conducted by Dick Lieb (1, 4, 7, 10, 13)

Aaron Weinstein: Violin (Featured on string tracks, Trio 2) , Mandolin (9)

Svetlana Tsoneva: Violin

Olivia Koppell: Viola

Jesse Levy: Cello

Bill Challis, in whose honor Bucky wrote the title song for this album, was an arranger far ahead of his time and was an intimate musical collaborator of Bix Beiderbecke, transcribing the piano solos that Bucky performs on guitar. Bucky first heard a Bix piano solo when he was with the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra in the mid-1940s and thus began a six decade relationship with Bix’s music that continues to this day. The collection of songs that comprises this CD includes five of Beiderbeckes’s originals in collaboration with Challlis, four duets with son John, as well as a number of songs that came to be identified with Bix because of his classic recordings. Over the years a sort of Bix cult has developed with its credo “Bix Lives.” Thanks to Bucky Pizzarelli and his compatriots, this collection of music helps to make that true.



Challis In Wonderland

Davenport Blues

In The Dark


Singing the Blues

In A Mist

Oh Baby



What´s New

I´m Coming Virginia


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