Rebecca Kilgore & The Harry Allen Quartet Live at Feinstein´s at Loews Regency

Artists / Instruments:
Rebecca Kilgore: vocals (except tracks 8 and 10)

Harry Allen: tenor saxophone

Rossano Sportiello: piano

Joel Forbes: bass

Chuck Riggs: drums

As Will Friedwald writes in his album notes, Rebecca Kilgore’s amazing musicianship and Harry Allen’s art of playing behind a singer make it possible to show that the legacy of Holiday and Young is a living and vital thing in their performance recorded live at the celebrated New York nightclub, Feinstein’s at Loews Regency. Steve Holden in his review in The New York Times wrote, “The show’s avoidance of slavish imitation made for the best kind of tribute: one that captured the streamlined ease of performance in which Holiday and Young carried on a spontaneous private conversation, the saxophone running rings around her voice, supporting, commenting, joking, sympathizing and ultimately taking the lead in a sexy, lighthearted dance.”

Your Mother´s Son-in-Law

You Can´t Lose a Broken Heart

Them There Eyes

That Ole Devil Called Love

Foolin´ Myself

Tickle Toe

I Want To Be Happy

Getting Some Fun Out of Life

The Blues Are Brewin´

You´re a Lucky Guy

I Wished On the Moon

I´m Checking Out, Go-om Bye

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