Chuck Folds: Chasing A Dream

Artists / Instruments:
Chuck Folds: solo piano

Chasing a Dream has two meanings for me. As the title of a song I wrote, included on this CD, itís about looking for love. As the title of this CD itís about a quest Iíve been on since the age of twelve when I first listened to jazz and tried to play it on the piano. Sixty-one years later, after playing with everyone in New York from Henry ďRedĒ Allen to Shorty Baker, Doc Cheatham, Buck Clayton, Eddie Condon, Vic Dickenson, Roy Eldridge, Bobby Hackett, Max Kaminsky, Red Norvo, Pee Wee Russell, Maxine Sullivan, Buddy Tate and Joe Venuti, Iím still at it. And I couldnít be luckier now than to be playing a steady five days a week on the unique jazz solo job that Barry Singer created at the Park Avenue Plaza between 52 nd and 53 rd Streets, and to have been doing so for the past eighteen years. Chuck Folds

It Donít Mean a Thing

Prisoner Of Love


Tea For Two

The Brownskin Gal

Iíll Never Fail You

Muskrat Ramble

Chasing a Dream

Iím A Dreamer, Arenít We All?

The Girl In My Dreams (Tries to Look Like You)

Linger Awhile

Iím Just a Lucky So and So

Sentimental and Melancholy

Lullaby In Rhythm

Oh! You Crazy Moon

I Canít Give You Anything But Love



Isnít This a Lovely Day

Name It and Itís Yours

Come Back Sweet Papa

Whatís The Use?

Donít Ever Say Goodbye

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