John Cocuzzi: Groove Merchant

Artists / Instruments:
John Cocuzzi: vibes, vocal (4, 10)

Antti Sarpila: clarinet, soprano sax

John Sheridan: piano

James Chirillo: guitar

Frank Tate: bass

Joe Ascione: drums, djembe (3, 7), shakers (3)

This CD captures some of what people who love John’s playing have been admiring for years. Each track here is a little concerto with its own mood, tempo, and instrumentation. The CD seems too short – even when you play it twice, as I did on first hearing. John says, “I purposely picked some tunes that aren´t traditionally vibes and clarinet tunes although we have enough on the project to satisfy anyone.” From the notes by Michael Steinman, creator of the jazz blog Jazz Lives<.i>

Groove Merchant

Crazy Rhythm

Dream Dancing

The Glory of Love

How Am I to Know


Minor Drag

Mellow Guitar

Did I Remember?

Last Night on the Back Porch (I Loved Her Most of All)

Je Ne Sais Pa

What’ll I Do?


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