Harry Allen Quintet Plays Music from The Sound Of Music

Artists / Instruments:
Harry Allen- tenor sax, arrangements, all tenor parts on "Something Good"

Rossano Sportiello- piano

Joe Cohn- guitar

Joel Forbes- bass

Chuck Riggs- drums

Rebecca Kilgore- vocals

Eddie Erickson- vocals

“Two forward-thinking gentlemen, saxophonist Harry Allen and guitarist Joe Cohn, have brought forth the idea that if classic musicals, such Guys and Dolls and South Pacific, can be revived on Broadway, why can’t we also revive the whole idea of the jazz-show album? And, in fact, that’s exactly what Messrs. Allen and Cohn have done, starting with their highly acclaimed jazz packages of the scores to Guys and Dolls (ARCD 19354) and South Pacific (ARCD 19380).. ..... The Sound of Music, by the Harry Allen Quintet is, I think, the finest in his hopefully-ongoing series of jazz-Broadway hybrids.” Will Friedwald writes about jazz for The Wall Street Journal

How Can Love Survive?


Do Re Mi

Something Good

No Way to Stop It

Climb Ev’ry Mountain

Sixteen Going On Seventeen

My Favorite Things

The Lonely Goatherd

The Sound of Music

I Have Confidence

An Ordinary Couple

So Long, Farewell


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