The Rossano Sportiello Trio: Lucky To Be Me, Arbors Piano Series, Vol. 22

Artists / Instruments:
Rossano Sportiello - piano

Frank Tate - bass

Dennis Mackrel - drums

“Rossano’s understanding of jazz from ragtime into the present is deep, intuitive, and internal, and what comes out is his own timeless Mainstream piano. His playing is simultaneously a loving homage to the great players but also a personal expression of what he feels about that particular chord sequence, that melody line, right now. And if you haven’t been lucky enough to hear Rossano live, he is one of those rare improvisers, wholly comfortable in the recording studio: his recorded music accurately reflects what he does in performance.” Michael Steinman celebrates music on his widely-read, influential blog, JAZZ LIVES www.jazzlives.wordpress.com

I Don´t Know

Lady Luck

Bluesy Basie

Show-type Tune

Lucky To Be Me

When I Grow Too Old to Dream

Beat´s Up

Ev´rytime We Say Goodbye

Should I?

Just As Though You Were Here

Prelude 14 in F# Minor, Volume 2, Well Tempered Clavier

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