Ehud Asherie: Welcome to New York

Artists / Instruments:
Ehud Asherie: solo piano

“Ehud bounces off the traditions like an exuberant boy on a trampoline, never losing his balance. Although you will hear, now and again, a Tatum flourish, some James P. Johnson chords, a fine Willie “the Lion” Smith filigree, that Cliff Jackson bass pattern, a Ralph Sutton “Charge!” or a Dave McKenna rumbling bass, the result, never synthetic, is all Ehud.,,,, Here’s to Ehud Asherie, a young man with a mature artist’s sensibility! His artistic world is spacious, comfortable, ever-expanding. He’s having fun at the piano and he shares his pleasures with us.” Michael Steinman, jazz writer and blogger.

Drop Me Off in Harlem

Manhattan Serenade

52nd Street Theme

Autumn in New York

42nd Street

Lullaby of Broadway


Harlem Bound

Lovers in New York

Lonely Town

Harlem Strut


Take the "A" Train

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