Randy Sandke´s Jazz for Juniors

Artists / Instruments:
Randy Sandke-trumpet

Ken Peplowski-clarinet

Wycliffe Gordon-trombone

Wayne Escoffery-tenor sax

Chuck Wilson-flute

Ted Rosenthal-piano

Howard Alden-guitar

Jay Leonhart-bass

John Riley-drums

Allan Harris and Carolyn Leonhart-vocals

A story told in words, pictures and songs about some lovable animals and their love of jazz!

When this CD is played on a PC computer (not a Mac), you can see a slide show with illustrations and music.

"I listen to all the jazz-for-kids that come in, with hope they´ll generate future audiences, and for my own kicks. Now, the most groovingly joyous of all the recordings I´ve heard has arrived: Randy Sandke´s Jazz For Juniors. - Nat Hentoff

Tiger, Tiger

An Elegant Elephant

The Hip Hippo

Jenny the Giraffe

The Drummin´ Dromedary

A Penguin Who Plays It Cool

A Swan Who Plays With Heart

A Cockatoo on The Clarinet

The Blue Bison

The Robin´s Song

Join Our Band

This Little Light Of Mine, I´m Gonna Let It Shine

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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