Evan Christopher: The Remembering Song

Artists / Instruments:
Evan Christopher-Clarinet

Bucky Pizzarelli-Acoustic guitar

James Chirillo-Electric guitar

Greg Cohen-Bass


This CD captures Christopher´s view of the most significant among the curves in his "Clarinet Road"—a bend near the Mississippi River where he found Sidney Bechet and where he continues to find himself. Christopher arrived in New Orleans in 1994... He soaked up tradition from New Orleans musical elders, helped extend it in new musical directions with contemporaries. But most of all, in New Orleans he found Clarinet Road´s starting point. The floodwaters of 2005 chased him away from his adopted hometown... When Christopher returned in late 2007... New Orleans was two cities then, one inching toward renewal, the other caught in what David Winkler-Schmidt of the local Gambit Weekly called "the horrible unending of not knowing." ... Christopher’s The Remembering Song invokes the sorrow and waiting as well as the empowerment and deep joy Bechet brought forth, transmuted through real fears of something possibly taken away. “Essentially," Christopher says, “Delta Bound, with Dick Hyman (ARCD 19325), was about leaving New Orleans but staying tied to the city through the music even though I wasn’t sure I’d ever live there again. This record is about being back.” —from the liner notes by Larry Blumenfeld

The Remembering Song - Prelude

The Wrath of Grapes

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

The Remembering Song - Interlude

Mojo Blues

You Gotta Treat It Gentle

My Home Is In a Southern Town


The Remembering Song

Waltz for All Souls

Dear Old Southland

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