Marty Grosz, Hot Winds, The Classic Sessions

Artists / Instruments:
Marty Grosz-guitar, banjo, vocals

Dan Block-clarinet, soprano sax, C-melody sax, baritone sax, cornet and echo cornet, alto horn

Vince Giordano-string bass, tuba, bass sax, vocal

Rob Garcia-drums, glockenspiel

Panic Slim-trombone

Marty Grosz´s Hot Winds blow "Hot Music." What indeed you might ask is "Hot Music?" "Good question," says Marty Grosz. "I´ve been working on a definition for the past six years and I still haven´t gotten it into final form. About the closest I have come is that ´you know it when you hear it.´"

Pardon Me Pretty Baby; Rent Party Blues; Just One of Those Things; I Must Have That Man; Maori; I Just Couldn´t Take It Baby; Wabash Blues; Under a Blanket of Blue; My Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now; Caught; Love and Kisses; Riverside Blues; The Panic Is On; When Buddha Smiles; I Gotta Get Up and Go to Work

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