Bucky Pizzarelli and Strings: Hard to Forget

Artists / Instruments:
Bucky Pizzarelli-Seven String and Acoustic Guitar, Jerry Bruno-Bass (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7), Martin Pizzarelli-Bass (Track 9), Sara Caswell-Violin, Aaron Weinstei-Violin (Except Track 11), Valerie Levy-Viola, Jesse Levy-Cello, Frank Vignola-Guitar (Tracks 8, 12)

“Isn’t the magic of this remarkable set of treasured memoirs that it provides us with the joy of listening to one of our greatest musicians, as he is joined on viola, violin, guitar, cello and bass with some of the best musicians of today. We can spend hours enjoying the memories Bucky has brought us. Hasn’t this succession of rich performances from his life provided us with a remarkable journey? One which should perhaps be called... what else? (courtesy of Larry Hart) “So Hard To Forget.” Max Wilk, playwright, screenwriter and author of numerous books, including, most recently, They’re Playing Our Song. Conversations with America’s Classic Songwriters (Easton Studio Press, 2008)

Laura, Slow Burning, Duke Ellington Medley: Do Nothin´ Till You Hear From Me/In a Sentimental Mood/Satin Doll, It´s Easy to Remember, Sonatina in A First Movement, Sonatina in A Second Movement, My One and Only Love, Prelude To a Kiss, Wabash One More Time, Tarantella Opus 87a, Test Pilot, Boots Blues, Last Night When We Were Young

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