Tom McDermott & Connie Jones: Creole Nocturne

Artists / Instruments:
Tom McDermott- piano and Connie Jones Cornet (vocal 6, 11)

The two men on this disc are poets of sound, one a native New Orleanian and the other a transplant from upriver, both New Orleans musicians through and through. Tom McDermott, from St. Louis (always a great piano town), is not just one of the finest and most versatile pianists working currently in the Crescent City but one of the best composers working in American vernacular music today. His partner, here, trumpeter and cornetist Connie Jones, is one of New Orleans’ greatest and most undersung musical treasures. All the serious traditional players of New Orleans show a special respect for Jones; something shifts in their tone when his name comes up in conversation. From the album notes by Tom Piazza, author of eight books, including Why New Orleans Matters and the novel My Cold War. He received a Grammy Award for his album notes to Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey

Just a Little While to Stay Here, Creole Nocturne, Keep On Gwine, When Itīs Sleepy Time Down South, Satchmo Speaks, Tishomingo Blues, Ambivalence, Danza, Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans, Waltz, I Donīt Want Nuthinī for Christmas, Kermitīs Rag, Song of Bernadotte, Danza de las Munecas, King Porter Stomp

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