Johnny Varro Swing 7: Ring Dem Bells

Artists / Instruments:
Johnny Varro-piano, Randy Sandke-trumpet, Dan Barrett-trombone, Scott Robinson-tenor sax, Ken Peplowski-alto sax, clarinet, Frank Tage-bass, Joe Ascione-drums

“This is a true band, jazz synergy in action, so much more than four horns and a rhythm section. Many live sessions and recordings – with fine players – can seem tedious when the opening ensemble gives way to a piano solo, then a series of horn solos, every time. Each performance unfolds according to its own satisfying logic, and each track has its own surprises. There is truth in advertising, for the Swing 7 honestly lives up to its name.” From th album notes by Michael Steinman

Corner Pocket, Stompy Jones, Your Is My Heart Alone, Sweet Substitute, Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise, Ring Dem Bells, Only A Rose, Come Sunday, Suddenly It´s Spring, Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble, You Stepped Out of a Dream, Minute Waltz, One, Two Button Your Shoe, Buddy Bolden´s Blues, Sonny Speaks

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