Louis Mazetier: Tributes, Portraits & Other Stories

Artists / Instruments:
Louis Mazetier - piano

In the hands of Louis Mazetier the stride piano tradition continues as a living, breathing organism, and a way of approaching musi that can take in a wide variety of inspiration and interpretation. This album, containing a seamless continuity between the standards, stride specialties and originals, reflects the full breadth and range of playing by the mature Mazetier, and it repays careful listening, for the many layers of subtlety it contains. - From the album notes by Alyn Shipton, jazz Critic, The London Times, and author of numerous books on jazz, most recently A New History of Jazz, Second Edition, Continuum International, 2007

You´ve Got To Be Modernistic, Sweet and Lovely, In August at St. Germain des Pres, Tea For Two, Significant Ladies Suite, Sweet Smile, Instinct of Conservation, Russian Greek, Surprises, Walking My Baby Back Home, Anitra´s Dance, Simply the Blues, Tango Seville, Just You, Just Me, I Guess I´ll Have to Change My Plan, Sneakaway, Portrait of a Portraitist, Can´t We Be Friends?, Skylark, Keep Off the Grass, Francois, Nostalgic Walk

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