Rebecca Kilgore & Dave Frishberg: Why Fight The Feeling?

Artists / Instruments:
Rebecca Kilgore-vocals

Dave Frishberg-piano

In this new episode of their long and fruitful collaboration, Rebecca Kilgore and Dave Frishberg explore the beguiling work of the last great creator in America’s classic era of popular song, Frank Loesser. Becky’s sunshine voice and the joy of Dave’s accompaniment make this another of their great get-togethers. “She’s the easiest to play for of any singer I’ve ever worked with,” Dave said. “It’s a piece of cake because she sings the lead. She doesn’t wait for someone to help her with it. She sings the lead like a trumpet player would play it in the section. She’s in charge, and I love that feeling because then I can accompany her. She responds to what I’m playing—that really knocks me out—responds musically to what she hears, just the way a musician, a real musician, would,” he laughs. “And not many singers in today’s world can claim that kind of capability, you know.” From the CD notes by Doug Ramsey, noted author who blogs about jazz and other matters at www.artsjournal.com/rifftides.

Thank Your Lucky Stars/Let´s Get Lost/Can´t Get Out of This Mood/ The Lady´s In Love With You/Say It (Over and Over Again)/Then I Wrote The Minuet in G/Somebody, Somewhere/The Moon of Manakoora/On a Slow Boat to China/I Wish I Didn´t Love You So/Says My Heart/What Are You Doing on New Year´s Eve?/Sand in My Shoes/What a Rhumba Does to Romance/Why Fight the Feeling?/I Believe In You/Sit Down, You´re Rockin´ the Boat

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