Howard Alden & Ken Peplowski´s Pow-Wow

Artists / Instruments:
Howard Alden-guitar, Ken Peplowski-tenor saxophone & clarinet

How can two guys make so much music? As you listen to the variety and range and richness of the music produced here by Howard Alden and Ken Peplowski, you are likely to ask yourself the same question. The answer is easy if you have the technical wherewithal, quick wits, musical intelligence and almost telepathic rapport these guys bring to bear when it´s just the two of them playing together. They have such a long history that they have a common language and vocabulary that come together very quickly to create a CD filled with dazzling interplay. - From the album notes by Ross Firestone, author of the award-winning Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman

Pow Wow, Dream Dancing, Did I Remember?, Very Early, Who Knows, After All, Bossagno, I See Your Face Before Me, Tempus Fugit, The Land of The Loon, The Things We Did Last Summer, Panama, Lucky To Be Me

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