John Sheridan & His Dream Band: Swing is Still the King

Artists / Instruments:
John Sheridan-piano, arranger, Randy Reinhart-cornet, Dan Barrett-trombone, cornet, Russ Phillips-trombone, Ron Hockett-clarinet, Scott Robinson-tenor sax, clarinet, Dan Block-alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, Eddie Erickson-guitar, Phil Flanigan-bass, Jake Hanna-drums, Rebecca Kilgore-vocals

Choosing the repertoire for this album was a real labor of joy. Some of the tunes are immediately identifiable with GoodmanóSometimes Iím Happy, Donít Be That Way and Gotta Be This Or That. Most of the rest, except to truly hardcore BG fans, have been obscured by the passage of time, or if familiar as standards are not immediately connected with the Goodman legacy. All, however, are gems that struck me from the first hearing, no matter how long ago. Itís important, in every case, to point out that this simply is not a collection of transcriptions of the original recordings. Every chart is an original, and weíre merely paying tribute in our own way to one of the true legends of the jazz world. John Sheridan

Always, Ballad in Blue, You Turned the Tables on Me, Youíre a Heavenly Thing, Did You Mean It?, Sometimes Iím Happy, Keep Me in Mind, Behave Yourself, Shirley Steps Out, Donít Be That Way, Take Another Guess, I Had to Do It, These Foolish Things, Gotta Be This or That, Goodnight, My Love

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