Allan Vache: With Benny In Mind

Artists / Instruments:
Allan Vache-clarinet, Christian Tamburr-vibes, Vincent Corrao-guitar, John Sheridan-piano, Phil Flanigan-bass, Ed Metz Jr.-drums

"For this album Allan has gathered a talented group of jazz artists, all of whom show an understanding of the Goodman legacy and contribute performances that are in every respect worthy of Benny´s exacting standards... this is a wonderful recording that looks both backward and forward in a stylistic sense and will be pleasing to all mainstream jazz lovers, and probably af others as well." - Bill Hyland, on behalf of the Benny Goodman Estate, is the former Attorney Gener of the State of New Jersey and the executor of the Benny Goodman Estate

Avalon, Moonglow, Flyin´ Home, Soft Winds, Air Mail Special, Stompin´ At The Savoy, Seven Come Eleven, Body and Soul, Slipped Disc, Smo o oth One, Nagasaki, Memories of You, The World Is Waiting for The Sunrise, Goodbye

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