Dave Glasser: Above the Clouds

Artists / Instruments:
Dave Glasser-alto saxophone, Larry Ham-piano, Dennis Irwin-bass, Carl Allen-drums

"Should you come upon anyone who claims that jazz in the United States is moribund or on life support, play this CD and watch him or her discover what grooving is all about." - Nat Hentoff, the dean of jazz critics and an expert on the First Amendment who is himself "beyond category." His weekly column appears in the Village Voice He writes monthly for JazzTimes and frequently about music for the Wall Street Journal

Canīt I?, A Little Funky, Our Love is Here To Stay, Stittīs Bits, Above the Clouds, Easter Parade, Tranquility, In a Sentimental Mood, Hidden Truths, Every Day I Fall in Love, Blues for Mat, Iīve Been Working on The Railroad

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