Nicki Parrott & Rossano Sportiello: People Will Say We´re In Love

Artists / Instruments:
Nicki Parrott-bass, vocals, Rossano Sportiello-piano

“Bassist Nicki Parrott and pianist Rossano Sportiello have stepped to the forefront and formed a musical partnership that keeps the melody squarely in focus while creating an atmosphere of intimate instrumental interplay. If you bemoan the passing of exquisite sessions that combine artfully played swing with tender ballads in a romantic setting, prepare yourself for a decidedly international take on that all too rare listening experience. Think of the chemistry on those early Oscar Petersen/Ray Brown duo meetings, with a tender twist, and you will have a sense of this session.” From the album notes of Elliott Simon, who writes about jazz for All About Jazz

The Cup Bearers, Blues for Basie, You´d Be So Nice to Come Home To, You Blew Out the Flame in My Heart, Let´s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love), One for Amos, Revolutionary Etude, Etude in C, Opus 10, No. 12, Moon River, What a Little Moonlight Can Do, Time Was, They Say It´s Wonderful, Why Did You Tell Me: “I Love You?” (Rossano Sportiello)/I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love with Me, Moon Shadow, The Man I Love, Lost Love Blues, People Will Say We´re in Love

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