Dave Frishberg at The Jazz Bakery: retromania

Artists / Instruments:
Dave Frishberg, piano and vocals

In front of a Los Angeles audience Frishberg examines his "pathological involvement" with sports heroes of yesteryear, including such favorites as Dodger Blue, Van Lingle Mungo, and Matty. The program includes a generous helping of new and never-recorded Frishberg songs, plus a handful of perennial "request" number, including My Attorney Bernie and Listen Here.

Can´t Take You Nowhere, Useless Waltz, Zoot Walks In, Who Do You Think You Are, Jack Dempsey?, Walkin´ On Wall Street, My Attorney Bernie, Van Lingle Mungo, Dodger Blue, The Dear Departed Past, The Catbird Seat, Play Ball, Matty, The Wife and The Kid, You´d Rather Have the Blues, Eloise, Gotta Get Me Some ZZZ, Listen Here

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