The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet: Hey Look Me Over

Artists / Instruments:
Harry Allen/tenor saxophone, Joe Cohn/guitar, Joel Forbes/bass, Chuck Riggs/drums

"The Harry Allen-Joe Cohn Quartet is a working band - and those are rare enough these days - of a very high caliber. There´s really no substitute for a working band. Musicians who work togethr regularly develop a rapport that musicians who meet only in a recording studio are hard-pressed t match. And the rapport that Harry Allen and Joe Cohn have developed over the years is little short of amazing. It all comes together here - years of learning and growing, and developing something of they own - for Harry Allen and Joe Cohn and Co." From the album notes by Chip Deffaa a longtime music critic and author of numerous books about jazz and pop culture

With the Wind and Rain in Your Hair, Take Four, It´s Been a Long, Long Time, Hey, Look Me Over!, Seven Come Eleven, I´ll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her, Travisimo, Get Out, Pick Yourself Up, Danielle

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