The Ray Kennedy Trio Plays the Music of Arthur Schwartz

Artists / Instruments:
Ray Kennedy-piano, Tom Kennedy-bass, Miles Vandiver-drum, Special guest Joe Cohn-guitar

"The music my father composed was unusual for its frequent melancholy with occasional bursts of ebullience. The darker elements are often discarded by pianists of lesser perception than Ray Kennedy, but they are here on this album well understood by a world class pianist who inhabits my fatherīs work with an unusually clear understanding. I donīt know of any other recording that displays so accurately the shifts of spirit that haunted Arthur Schwartz." - Jonathan Schwartz, son of Arthur Schwartz, National Public Radio, WNYC and XM Satellite Radio

By Myself, Thatīs Entertainment, Where Do I Go From You?, A Shine On Your Shoes, The Dreamer, You and The Night and The Music, Something to Remember You By, I Guess Iīll Have to Change My Plan, Make the Man Love Me, Rhode Island Is Famous For You, If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You, A Rainy Day, Alone Together, Haunted Heart, Dancing In the Dark

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