Jeff Barnhart: In My Solitude

Artists / Instruments:
Jeff Barnhart - solo piano

"An endless variety of styles can emerge whenever ten talented fingers are applied to eighty-eight piano keys. When the fingers belong to Jeff Barnhart, they create their own sphere of astonishing sounds. His melodic lines can articulate the casual inventiveness of ballads or explode with crisp animation on up tempo choruses. Within the framework of a single tune, he will often create mellow sensuality, swinging buoyancy, and dazzling ornamental runs. Jeffīs innate ability to construct an engergized piano solo arouond the harmonic sequence of a song represent the very essence of jazz." - Floyd Levin noted jazz historian and journalist and author of Classis Jazz - A Personal View of the Music and Musicians

When I Grow Too Old To Dream, Canīt We Talk It Over, Forevermore, Petite Fleur, All Godīs Chillun Got Rhythm, Oh, Lady Be Good, He Loves and She Loves, Isnīt This a Lovely Day?, Remembering Ralph, Solitude, An Evīning In Caroline, Blue Orchids, Arbors Joys, Sweet Lorraine, New Orleans Joys, īS Wonderful, Cry Me a River, In The Dark, Stealinī Apples

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