Marty Grosz and His Hot Combination

Artists / Instruments:
Marty Grosz-guitar, vocals, Jon Erik Kellso-trumpet, Ken Peplowski-clarinet, tenor saxophone, Scott Robinson-baritone saxophone, C-Melody saxophone, cornet, James Dapogny-piano, cornet, Vince Giodano-bass, bass saxophone, Greg Cohen-bass, Arnie Kinsella-drums, orchestral bells

Marty Grosz displays his wit and wisdom, not to mention his musicality, in company with a collection of hot all-stars. Featured for the first time on record are his celebrated stories of the Gigolo and why Englishmen canīt sing the blues.

Alabamy Home, Did I Remember?, If It Ainīt Love, You, Whatīll I Do?, Donīt Let It Bother You, Iīd Rather Be With You, Murder in The Moonlight, Four Or Five Times, Life Begins When Youīre In Love, Just A Gigolo, English Blues

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