Chuck Redd Remembers Barney Kessel: Happy All The Time

Artists / Instruments:
Chuck Redd/vibes, drums, Monty Alexander/piano, Howard Alden/guitar, Gene Bertoncini/guitar, Robert Redd/piano, Hassan Shakur/bass, Jeff Hamilton/drums

"As you listen to these performances, observe how the musicians come together to uplift the Kessel sounds, how they influence each other, how they effortlessly affect what the music is saying. This is the way the music should be played. This is the hard driving swing that should accompany Barney Kessel´s music. This is much the way Barney would have played it." - John Clayton, 3-time Grammy-nominated bassist/composer/conductor

Happy All The Time, Laura, Cry Me A River, On a Slow Boat to China, Tenderly, You´re The One For Me, Love Is Here To Stay, Swedish Pastry, 64 Bars on Wilshire, Li´l Darlin´, Slow Burn

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