Tommy Newsom & His Octo-Pussycats

Artists / Instruments:
Tommy Newsom tenor saxophone, Warren Vache cornet, Wayne Andre trombone, Karolina Strassmayer alto saxophone/flute, Lisa Parrott baritone saxophone, Derek Smith piano, Noriko Ueda bass, Sherrie Maricle drums

"The key word that describes Tommy´s playing is always - taste! This is a unique CD expertly played by skilled instrumentalists intent on establishing and maintaining an integral sound that, above all, swings! It is far more than "casual listening" music. True, it will evoke occasional hand-clapping or toe-taping, but Tommy Newsom´s multi-layered souonds will also encourage re-plays that reveal fresh nuances each time." From the album notes by Floyd Levin, noted jazz historian, journalist and author of Classic Jazz - A Personal View of the Music and Musicians

Titter Pipes, Detour Ahead, Cinnamon and Clove, In a Mellow Tone, Speak Low, Come Sunday, Poor Little Rich Girl, Maids of Cadiz, Upper Manhattan Medical Group

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