Ruby Braff: Controlled Nonchalance, Vol 2 with Scott Hamilton and Dave McKenna

Artists / Instruments:
Ruby Braff-cornet, Scott Hamilton-tenor sax, Dave McKenna-piano, Gray Sargent-guitar, Marshall Wood-bass, Chuck Riggs-drums

"This second helping of Controlled Nonchalance is every bit as tasty as the first, which was selected as the best jazz record of 1995 by the combined critics of Jazz Journal International. Ruby was able to reach heights of artistic achievement granted only an exalted few. He put everything he could muster up into that horn, and never more so than in the final decade of his life, when the strength he corralled to override the vise of the emphysema that nearly had killed him was truly superhuman, coming from such a small, and increasingly frail body." - Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University and author, most recently, of Living With Jazz

Itīs All Right With Me, Ainīt Misbehavinī, Pennies From Heaven, Ellington Medley: In A Sentimental Mood/I Got It Bad and That Ainīt Good, Swinging On a Star, These Foolish Things, If You Were Mine, Them There Eyes, On The Sunny Side of The Street

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