Ralph Sutton: Wondrous Piano, The Private Family Recordings, 1961

Artists / Instruments:
Ralph Sutton - piano, Hugh Cregg - dums

"The master tapes to this session have been locked away for the past 42 years in the family archives of Barbara Sutton Curtis, Ralph Sutton´s sister. Only a few people have ever heard them and they have never previously been made public. Having listened to Ralph since he first came to New York in 1946, it is my opinion that no recording studio ever produced a session with Ralph as good as this! There were no requirements about what he should play and he played everything he felt like playing. Even better, most of his selections are tunes he had either never recorded or were only recorded once: Barbara, who had been listening to Ralph play since the very beginning, feels that these are among the happiest, most swinging things she has ever heard him play. And after hearing this CD I think you´ll agree. What a talent Ralph was! He played wondrous piano and he is sadly missed." Hal Curtis, Ralph´s brother-in-law.

At Sundown, Avalon, I Ain´t Got Nobody, Squeeze Me, LuLu´s Back In Town, Eccentric (That Eccentric Rag), As Long As I Live, I´m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, A Monday Date, Alligator Crawl, MEDLEY: Everything Happens To Me, Have You Met Miss Jones?, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, S´Wonderful, Cattin´ On The Keys, MEDLEY: Don´t Blame Me, Lazy Mood, What´s New?, I Want A Little Girl, Hobson Street Blues

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