Dave Frishberg: Do You Miss New York?

Artists / Instruments:
Dave Frishberg, solo piano and vocals

"Once you immerse yourself in Frishbergiana, the constant astonishment can tire you out if you´re not careful. This is how to be careful with Frishberg: don´t listen to one of his discs more than once a day, even though you´re inclined at times to listen to nothing but. Frishberg, who dazzles with word play, exemplifies the high ground of wit, craft and musical imagination, displayed here so generously." Daniel Okrent, writer and editor who has written about jazz for Esquire, Time, Fortune and other publications and was for several years a senior editorial executive at Time, Inc.

Quality Time, I Was Ready, Jaws, Do You Miss New York?, Oklahoma Toad, Little Did I Dream, Swinging The Classics: Melody in F, Ebony Rhapsody, Martha (Ah! So Pure!), The Hopi Way, The Difficult Season, Zanzibar, Eastwood Lane, My Country Used To Be,I Want To Be a Sideman, Heart´s Desire

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