Donnie OŽBrien Meets Manhattan Swing: In a Basie Mood

Artists / Instruments:
Donnie OŽBrien, drums, Carmen Leggio, tenor sax, Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar, John Bunch, piano, Jay Leonhart, bass, John Pizzarelli, guitar (5)

Donnie OŽBrien, a talented drummer who has worked regularly in the New York area since the early 1970s, makes his recording debut on this meeting with Bucky Pizzarelli, John Bunch and Jay Leonhart, together with saxophone great, Carmen Leggio. The music is very much in a Basie vein with the musicians sounding relaxed, leaving space for each other and swinging lightly, with OŽBrien playing with much subtlety and yet with plenty of quiet drive, making for a most enjoyable CD.

One OŽClock Jump, Blue and Sentimental, I Never Knew, Robbins Nest, Lester Leaps In, Body and Soul, Moten Swing, Jive at Five, Bye Bye Blues

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