Dick Hyman and Tom Pletcher: If Bix Played Gershwin

Artists / Instruments:
Dick Hyman piano, Tom Pletcher cornet, Dan Levinson clarinet & C-Melody saxophone, David Sager trombone, Vince Giordano bass saxophone, Bob Leary guitar & banjo, Ed Metz Jr drums

"Bix Beiderbecke and George Gershwin were musical geniuses. Both admired and greatly benefitted from hearing the works of the early 20th century European impressionist composers...Whole tones, the keystone of impressionis, gave jazz a very important ingredient which innovators like Bix and George used to great advantage." -

Somebody Loves Me, Oh, Lady Be Good I Got Rhythm, But Not For Me Kongo Kate, I Got Plenty O´ Nuttin´ I´ve Got a Crush On You, Rialto Ripples, The Half Of It Dearie Blues, S´Wonderful, Yankee Doodle Rhythm, Embraceable You, Sunny Diposish, In A Mist

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