Bob Wilber and The Tuxedo Big Band, Volume Two

Artists / Instruments:
Bob Wilber “ clarinet and soprano saxophone and Paul Cheron´s Tuxedo Big Band from Toulouse, France

In this Volume Two follow up to the critically acclaimed Fletcher Henderson´s Unrecorded Arrangements for Benny Goodman (*****- Down Beat), Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, France tackle more unrecorded arrangements by Henderson and by 14 more of Goodman´s best writers, in addition to a Wilber original. They once again capture the essence of Goodman´s style and sound but with their own fresh interpretations, making for the ultimate in big band swing.

Tuxedo Stomp, Blue Interlude, I´m Coming Virginia, All The Things You Are, I Want To Be Happy, Guess I´ll Go Back Home This Summer, Some of These Days, Ballad For Benny, Royal Garden Blues, Song of the Plow, I Know That You Know, Mendelssohn Mowed Down, Limehouse Blues, The Thrill Is Gone, Conversation, Clarinetta, Benny´s Bugle

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