The John Sheridan Trio: Artistry

Artists / Instruments:
John Sheridan - piano, David Stone - bass, Tony DeNicola - drums

The scope of this CDīs selections is astonishing and Sheridan displays his great sensitivity on this excellent collection of vintage tunes, with superb arrangements, bass and drum work and elegant engineering. Sheridan has a light keyboard touch which he punctuates with firm emphasisÖ and he swings effortlessly. From the album notes by the noted jazz writer Philip Elwood<>

Itís Been So Long, Iím Glad There Is You, Soon, Wonder Why, Evírything I Love, Change Partners, The Folks Who Live on the Hill, Iíll Always Be in Love With You, Poor Butterfly, I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody (Like Iím Loving You), No Love, No Nothiní, Letís Get Away From it All

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