Bobby Gordon and Bob Wilber: Yearnings

Artists / Instruments:
Bob Wilber - clarinet & soprano saxophone, Bobby Gordon - clarinet, John Sheridan - piano, David Stone - bass, Tony DeNicola - drums

In their first pairing on record, the two Bobīs, joined by John Sheridan, David Stone and Tony DeNicola, demonstrate their affinity for the nostalgic, in a program of beautiful tunes performed with elegance and grace. With quiet missionary resolve, they are helping to guarantee that the kind of inventive, melodic, swinging jazz associated with the jazz masters of the past continues to reach the ears of 21st Century audiences.

In a Little Spanish Town, Itīs All In the Mind, A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody, I Ainīt Got Nobody, Yearnings, Spain, How Am I To Know?, Blue Clarinet, Song of the Islands, Sunday, Doodle Doo Doo, Bygone Days, All By Myself

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