Ruby Braff and Dick Hyman: America, The Beautiful

Artists / Instruments:
Ruby Braff - cornet, Dick Hyman - Wurlitzer Theatre Organ


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Through the courtesy of George Wein we are able to bring you this remastered edition of America, The Beautiful, which contains all 10 tracks from the original Concord release plus 7 tracks never before released or available to the public.

œRuby is one of those few people who could solo with a pipe organ, who could improvise with such an unusual instrumental background. It requires a very special ability - flexibility, ingenuity, and invention. Ruby, of course, is his own man. Like his idol, Louis Armstrong, he commands the center of attention, even if the background is something as odd as a theatre organ. The tonal colors of a pipe organ are its great glory. I love the rustling string sound and spatial character of the solo elements. Above all, Iīm stimulated by being able to orchestrate on the spot. And once you launch into a bright swinging tempo with the instrument sounding perhaps a beat behind the fingers, the sensation is like leading a herd of galloping elephants. You donīt dare look back. Dick Hyman

When Itīs Sleepy Time Down South, When My Sugar Walks Down The Street, When I Fall In Love, As Long As I Live, America The Beautiful, Louisiana, High Society, Iīll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time, I Ainīt Got Nobody, This Is All I Ask, The Yankee Doodle Boy, If Dreams Come True, Iīm Confessinī That I Love You, Iīve Grown Accustomed To Her Face, Dinah, Donīt Get Around Much Anymore, I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart, Muskrat Ramble

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