Wein, Women and Song and More, George Wein Plays and Sings

Artists / Instruments:
George Wein - piano and vocals, Ruby Braff - trumpet, Sammy Margolis - tenor saxophone, Bobby Hackett - trumpet, Warren Vache Jr - trumpet, Howard Alden - guitar

"As a kid of six or seven years old, I used to sing popular songs with my mother playing the piano... I soon gave up vocalizing for the more instrumental approach to the music, which became my life. I never gave up the thought that I could actually sing a song that people might like. George Fraziers album notes will tell you the story of how I happened to make a vocal album for Atlantic Records... Ruby Braff, Sammy Margolis and Bobby Hackett play brilliantly and the trumpet work of Warren Vache Jr. shines throughout." - George Wein, producer of the Newport Jazz Festival, the JVC Jazz Festival and numerous festivals all over the world as CEO of Festival Productions, Inc., as well as an accomplished pianist, record producer and entrepreneur.

You Ought To Be In Pictures, All Too Soon, Back In Your Own Backyard, Pennies From Heaven, Im Through With Love, The Big Butter and Egg Man, Love You Funny Thing, Im Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, Why Try to Change Me Now?,Youre Lucky To Me, I Married An Angel, When Its Sleepy Time Down South, Im Shooting High, Ive Got a Pocketful of Dreams, Once In a While, Please, Did I Remember?, Who Cares?, Someday Youll Be Sorry, Sweethearts on Parade, Swing That Music

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