John Sheridan and His Dream Band featuring Becky Kilgore: Get Rhythm In Your Feet

Artists / Instruments:
John Sheridan - leader, arranger, piano Randy Reinhart - cornet Russ Phillips - trombone Brian Ogilvie - tenor saxophone Ron Hockett - clarinet Reuben Ristrom - guitar Phil Flanigan - bass Ed Metz Jr. - drums Becky Kilgore - vocals

"The Dream Band´s third release, Get Rhythm In Your Feet, is on the same high level as the first two, and in some ways is the best of the trio...John Sheridan´s Dream Band looks back towards The Swing Era and the classic groups of that era without directly copying any of them. Mixing together written and jammed ensembles with concise solos and Becky Kilgore´s joyful vocals, the Sheridan Dream Band is carving out its own legacy within the current classic jazz scene." - Scott Yanow, the Editor of the 3rd edition of The All Music Guide to Jazz and author of six jazz books including Trumpet Kings, Swing and Classic Jazz

Stop, Look and Listen, All The Cats Join In, Indian Summer, I Love My Baby, I Was Doing All Right, A Gal In Calico, Humpty Dumpty Heart, Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, People Like You and Me, I´m In The Mood For Love, Get Rhythm In Your Feet, A Handful of Stars, You Can´t Pull the Wool Over My Eyes, My Extraordinary Gal, Walkiin´ By The River, The Dixieland Band

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