The Ruby Braff Quartet with Dick Hyman and Howard Alden: Watch What Happens

Artists / Instruments:
Ruby Braff - cornet, Dick Hyman - piano, Howard Alden - guitar, Jake Hanna - drums, Daryl Sherman - vocal on track 9

"The Ruby Braff song book by now reaches out across dozens of CDs. We´re lucky that he lived through a classic age and was able to bring forward its colors to us, but luckier still that he lives in an age where beautiful sounds are recorded with a fidelity and life that have never been known before. His embellishments are delicate and subtle and few jazz musicians have benifited more from modern studio techniques. His, more than that of any other soloist, is chamber jazz." - Steve Voce, has presented his own weekly radio program, Jazz Panorama on BBC for 33 years and has written a stimulating and controversial monthly column in Jazz Journal International for 46 years.

Handful Of Keys, Slumming On Park Avenue, It´s All Right With Me, Watch What Happens, Shadowland, Here´s Carl, We´ll Be Together Again, The Blue Room, Frankly (aka Perfectly Frank), Over The Rainbow, What A Little Moonlight Will Do

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