Johnny Frigo´s DNA Exposed!

Artists / Instruments:
Johnny Frigo, violin Bill Charlap, piano Frank Vignola, guitar Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar Nicki Parrott, bass Joe Ascione, drums


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"To me Johnny Frigo is a bit of a miracle. Here he is, an octogenarian - he´ll be 85 in December - he still plays technically perfectly and with undiminished energy, enthusiasm and inventiveness - at an age when most fiddlers, and musicians in general, have long ago hung up their instruments in the nearest closet. Indeed, when Johnny plays with other (almost always much younger) musicians, it is he who galvanizes the group, who never lets their energy flag, who always picks up the next tune, who leads the background riffing, and who never wants to stop playing." - Gunther Schuller,both classical and jazz musician, musicologist, educator, music publisher, composer and conductor and the author of Early Jazz: Its Roots and Early Development (Oxford) and The Swing Era: The Development of Jazz, 1930-1945 (Oxford). He has the unusual distinction of performing on the french horn with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra as well as the Miles Davis "Birth of the Cool" nonet.

I Concentrate on You, Poor Butterfly, Cheek To Cheek, What Is There To Say?, Nobody Else But Me, Try a Little Tenderness/Sweet and Lovely, Hair on The G-String, I Love You, Too Late Now/Street of Dreams, Crystal Silence, Tanga, What´ll I Do?

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