Engelbert Wrobel´s Swing Society: Sophisticated Swing

Artists / Instruments:
The Sing Society - Engelbert Wrobel: Clarinet, Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones

  • Chris Hopkins: Piano
  • Rolf Marx: Guitar
  • Ingmar Heller: Bass
  • Oliver Mewes: Drums
  • With Special Guest Dan Barrett: Trombone, Cornet

    "It´s such a wonderful surprise to put on a CD by a group of musicians you´ve never even heard of before and suddenly find yourself caught up in a program of music that is so imaginatively conceived and performed with such warmth, skill and swing that by the time the performance ends you´ve come to feel that you´ve spent the last hour or so in the company of old friends. That´s what happened to me upon first listening to this superb CD by Engelbert Wrobel´s Swing Society who make their American debut on this recording....Engelbert and his colleagues are joined on about half the tracks by Dan Barrett, who deserves our thanks not only for his sterling contributions on both trombone and cornet but for bringing the Swing Society to Arbors´ attention" -Ross Firestone, author of Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.


  • Rose Room
  • El Salon de Gutbucket
  • Gilly
  • Manoir de Mes Reves
  • Shoe Shine Boy
  • Hop, Skip and Jump
  • Nine O´Clock Beer
  • Promenade Aux Champs Elysees
  • Sophisticated Swing
  • Thou Swell
  • New Orleans
  • 9:20 Special
  • Jubilee
  • I Love Paris

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