Dan Barrett: Blue Swing, featuring Rebecca Kilgore

Artists / Instruments:
Jon-Erik Kellso

  • Brian Ogilvie
  • John Smith
  • Eddie Erickson
  • Joel Forbes
  • Ray Sherman
  • Jeff Hamilton

    After having played concerts, festivals and parties as a soloist in recent years with many of the top jazz players in the world, Dan Barrett has hand picked a band out of his favorites among them. The result is Blue Swing, a collection of brilliant individuals who have developed the cohesion and that rare combination of relaxation and precision achieved only by the great jazz organizations. "If this CD doesn´t earn them a solid place on the new-millennial jazz scene, we´re in trouble." -- Jim Leigh, a novelist & journalist whose monthly column "West Coasting" appears in the Mississippi Rag.

    Victory Stride

  • Saturday Night Function
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Can This Be Love?
  • Russian Rag
  • Love Potion no. 9
  • Wedding Bell Blues
  • Song of the Wanderer
  • Nuages
  • C´est Si Bon
  • Ray´s Waltz
  • Saratoga Shout
  • I Can´t Face the Music
  • I Never Knew

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