Bucky Pizzarelli: April Kisses

Artists / Instruments:
Bucky Pizzarelli: Solo 7-string Acoustic Guitar

Sometimes it is strange the way things happen. In January of this year (1999), I reached my friend Bucky in London for an interview. Shortly after we exchanged greetings he began to play for me some compositions by Eddie Lang and Carl Kress on his new Benedetto 7-string guitar. I knew the original recordings, but while he was playing I had a very clear feeling. I was listening to the most important heir of a tradition that we could define as "archtop guitar music.¯ A tradition founded by Lang and Kress and then continued by artists like George Van Eps, George W. Smith and Bucky himself, but which has been kept in the shadows for too long. This unique blending of classical harmony and jazz language is the real American answer to European classical guitar. On this precious recording, Maestro Bucky Pizzarelli plays wonderfully some of the best of these compositions. Listening to them, many people will want to know why such beautiful music has been, until today, so overlooked. It seemed quite obvious to suggest to Bucky the idea of recording this material alone, on the acoustic archtop. When I told him, he had a sparkle in his eyes. As a guitar player and jazz lover I now thank him for realizing it. “ Michele Ariodante, jazz guitarist and regular contributor to Axe magazine. Rome, Italy, March, 1999


  • April Kisses
  • Afterthoughts, Part 1
  • Afterthoughts, Part 2
  • Afterthoughts, Part 3
  • The End of a Love Affair
  • Slow Burning
  • Tears
  • Love Song
  • It Must be True
  • Indy Annie
  • Sutton Mutton (Taking it on the Lamb)
  • Come Sunday
  • Squattin´ at the Grotto
  • Please
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  • Slamerino
  • Peg Leg Shuffle
  • Stompin´ for Boz
  • Silk City Blues

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