Daryl Sherman and Dave McKenna: Jubilee

Artists / Instruments:
Daryl Sherman: Vocals, Piano

  • Dave McKenna: Piano
  • Joe Cohn: Guitar
  • Frank Tate: Bass
  • Terry Clarke: Drums

    "Jubilee" is a package bursting with good ideas. The simple act of getting Daryl Sherman and Dave McKenna together in the studio is, for my dough, concept enough to sustain an album. McKenna is a category unto himself and Daryl is a perfect bridge between the not so dissimilar worlds of cabaret and jazz, a brilliant interpreter who treats the melody as something to have fun with. - Paraphrased from the album notes by Will Friedwald, the author of Jazz Singing and Sinatra! The Song Is You, and co-author with Tony Bennett of The Good Life.

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    CLASS ACT!!! Daryl has a beautiful, meticulous voice reminiscent of the great Blossom Dearie but with a distinctive quality all itīs own. The song selections are diverse and show her wonderful range. I particularly liked her renditions of "Isnīt This a Lovely Day?" and "Moonburn". -- (customer review) Andrew Lantner from Hollywood, CA

    Tulip or Turnip

  • Isnīt This a Lovely Day?
  • Flying Down to Rio
  • Memphis in June
  • Perdido
  • A Room With a View
  • Zigeuner
  • Itīs Kind of Lonesome Out Tonight
  • Fred and Ginger Medley: Night and Day; The Way You Look Tonight; I Wonīt Dance; Shall We Dance
  • Moonburn
  • Riverboat Shuffle
  • Chase Me Charlie
  • Cīest Comme Ca
  • Swingtime in Honolulu
  • Iīll Follow My Secret Heart/Someday Iīll Find You
  • Jubilee
  • 20th Century Blues

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