The Larry Eanet Quartet featuring Ron Hocket: Sunset Stomp

Artists / Instruments:
Larry Eanet: Piano/arranger

  • Ron Hockett: Clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones
  • Tommy Cecil: Bass
  • Harold Summey Jr.: Drums

    Larry Eanet is, as Barbara Lea has called him and your ears will confirm, "a world class pianist.¯ He is also one of the best kept secrets in jazz, though this wonderful CD should go a long way to changing all that. Lucidity, elegance, a highly developed sense of form and, above all, a swinging lyricism and contagious joyfulness are the hallmarks of his playing. Featured on reeds is the brilliant multi-instrumentalist, Ron Hockett, who is equally compelling on clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones. He has an approach to his instruments that I find utterly irresistible and leaves me saying "Ron, I want to hear some more, man!¯ “ From the album notes of Ross Firestone, author of the award winning Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.

    Rhythm King

  • Across the Track Blues
  • Susie
  • Sultry Sunset
  • Rain
  • Sunset Stomp
  • Ten Paciencia (Have Patience)
  • Miss Brown to You
  • Lady of the Lavender Mist
  • Clementine
  • It Shouldn´t Happen to a Dream
  • Hi Ya, Sophia
  • Frederic´s Tune

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