Ruby Braff and Strings: In the Wee Small Hours in London and New York

Artists / Instruments:
London: Ruby Braff: Cornet • Brian Lemon: Piano • Len Walker: Guitar • Lennie Bush: Bass • Terry Jenkins: Drums • Music arranged and conducted by Neil Richardson, The Neil Richardson Strings, led by Sidney Sax. New York: Ruby Braff: Cornet • John Bunch: Piano • Bucky Pizzarelli: Guitar • Michael Moore: Bass • Kenny Washington: Drums • Music arranged and conducted by Tommy Newsom • Robert Chauson: Violin • Michael Roth: Violin • Adria Benjamin: Viola • Sarah Hewit: Cello


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"The jazz faithful need no introduction to the genius of Ruby Braff. His unique sound, with its remarkable command of the low register, its soaring and descending leaps, blazing runs and its mixture of playful enthusiasm and thoughtful lyricism, was thrilling two decades ago and it is intact today, with an added richness that has come with maturity. Fiddles have never kept better company.” – Charles Champlin, jazz critic and retired Arts Editor of the Los Angeles Times.

Here is what the critics have to say:
Four and a half stars - John McDonough, Down Beat, June, 2000

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