Scott Robinson Plays C-Melody Saxophone: Melody From the Sky

Artists / Instruments:
Scott Robinson C-Melody Saxophone

  • Larry Ham Piano, Organ
  • James Chirillo Guitar
  • Lee Hudson Bass
  • Jon-Erik Kellso Trumpet
  • Mark Shane Piano, Organ
  • Greg Cohen Bass, Bass Marimba
  • Marty Grosz Guitar
  • Klaus Suonsaari Drums
  • String Quartet Valerie Levy, violin; Ming Yeh, violin; Carol Benner, viola; Hung-Chi Chen, cello


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    Scott Robinson has managed to bring the C-melody saxophone, that odd instrument of the 1920´s, blazingly back to life in a typically original fashion. We have organ trios, a string quartet, trios with acoustic guitar and either bass or bass marimba, quartets with electric guitar, quintets which add a trumpet, and a series of duets with piano. Add to that the program, which ranges from Saint-Sa«ns to Ellington to Beiderbecke to Scott Robinson, and you can see that you´re in for a hell of a ride. There is an element of music coming down from the sky and being transmitted through Scott that has tangible spiritual qualities. Music flows right out of him; here he has channeled it through the C-melody saxophone. From the album notes by Loren Schoenberg, jazz historian, witer, tenor saxophonist and big band leader.

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    "Scott Robinson plays a vintage C-melody sax like nobody else, past or present" Nat Hentoff, Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2000

    Davenport Blues

  • Where Is Love?
  • Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky
  • Isfahan
  • Yardville
  • I´m Making Believe
  • Saxophone Blues
  • This Is No Laughing Matter
  • Sweet Rhythm
  • The Swan (Le Cygne)
  • Ups and Downs
  • Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)
  • For No Reason At All In C
  • Singin´ the Blues (Till My Daddy Comes Home)
  • C Here (Scott Robinson)
  • A Melody From the Sky

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