Bob Wilber and the International March of Jazz All Stars: Everywhere You Go There´s Jazz

Artists / Instruments:
Bob Wilber: Clarinet, Alto and Soprano Saxes

  • Antti Sarpila: Tenor Sax, also Clarinet, Alto and Soprano Saxes
  • Bent Persson: Trumpet, Cornet
  • Dan Barrett: Trombone
  • Dick Hyman: Piano
  • Peter Appleyard: Vibraphone
  • Lars Erstrand: Vibraphone
  • Dave Cliff: Guitar
  • Dave Green: Bass
  • Ed Metz Jr.: Drums
  • Joanne Horton: Vocals

    Bob Wilber, a master interpreter of classic jazz reed styles, has brought together for this session some giants of small band swing who performed in Florida at the 1998 International March of Jazz weekend jazz party. Carrying out the "international¯ theme, the all-star group, including world-class musicians from Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and, of course, The United States, proves once again that "Everywhere You Go There´s Jazz.¯

    Here is what the critics have to say:
    Bob Wilber and the International March of Jazz All Stars: Everywhere You Go There´s Jazz: Selected as one of Meilleurs Disques Chroniques en 1999 by Le Hot Club de France Federation and selected as a 1999 Critics´ Choice in the February, 2000 issue of Jazz Journal International by David Badham, Eddie Cook, and Hugh Rainey and as one of the top 10 jazz records of 1999,


  • Duke´s Feeling Sad
  • Stolen Sweets
  • Jeepers Creepers
  • Music Maestro Please
  • With a Song in My Heart
  • Mood Indigo
  • Sherman Shuffle
  • Sweet Lotus Blossom
  • Mahogany Hall Stomp
  • Racing With the Moon
  • Un Hommage a´ Sidney Bechet
  • Everywhere You Go

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